Hui Xin Ng
Hui Xin Ng

Hui Xin Ng

Hello, I’m Hui Xin

📚 I am a PhD candidate in Cognitive Science at UC San Diego.

🧠 My research combines computational techniques and domain knowledge in clinical neuroscience and psychology to understand factors that contribute to brain aging in psychiatric disorders.

💻 I have work experience in product management, UX research, and business development in health tech startups.

🙌 Outside of work, I enjoy learning about “ancestral movement” approaches to physical activity by practicing and learning contemporary dance and martial arts.

✨ There is a space between my first name.

Research Interests and Values

The following questions guide my research interests and values as I continue to grow as a researcher:

  • How can we leverage advances in computational power to improve assessment of mental illnesses and develop more personalized treatment plans?
  • How can we incentivize best practices for reproducibility and replicability (e.g., data sharing, detailed methods section, and publishing negative data)?
  • How can we as researchers actively contribute to addressing climate change while considering the interconnected nature of social and environmental justice (i.e., intersectionality)?

Check out this gallery to learn more about my past projects and articles about things I’ve learnt along the way while doing research.

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